• July

  • 2

  • DEV BLOG 2.0

  • The server will wipe on the 2nd of July!

Server Wipe

We plan to release “Dev Blog 2.0” a little after Facepunch push out their monthly update. This will require a little bit of server downtime (no set time) and will include a full server wipe (money, items and properties). The new vehicles will be implemented at least a week after wipe as we need to mod them. We also plan to update helicopters to add locks to them. We currently have a 25% off sale to celebrate the 4th of July on our webstore.

  • June

  • 23


  • The server will wipe on the 2nd of July!

Server Wipe

We plan push through a full server wipe on the 2nd of July - same day as the Rust update! This means all bank accounts, properties and all items will be wiped.

  • May

  • 31


  • The server has launched!

Server Launch

The server has offically launched! For some useful server information keep reading.

  • April

  • 19


  • The release date has been set!

Launch Date Set

Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone that has kept the discord active through suggestions and general chat. We appreciate everyone who has already signed up to the forums. Unfortunately, there is going to be a small delay with the launch. The launch date has been moved to the 14th of May at 3:00 PM EST, this means early access for donators will be available on the 7th of May. The launch has been delayed due to multiple reasons.

  • April

  • 10

  • Our Webstore Has Been Updated

  • We've offically launched our webstore!

Pre-Launch Sale

We've decided to keep the lifetime donator package however, at launch the price will increase. The price of regular donator will also increase at launch. We've also updated the design in time for launch.

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